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The Inland Empire Senate will host their 7th annual Tri-Senate event at. The first squad has a 8:00am check in, side pots & sweepers close at 8:40 am and the squad bowls at 9am, the second squad check in is 12:00, pots & sweepers close at 1:40 and the squad bowls at 2:00.

Tournament Information

· 1st Squad Bragging Rights for winning senate

· First Place Team is $2,500 based on 96 entries

· Sweepstakes doubles & singles for each squad

· Crossover doubles combining both squads

· Brackets and side pots

· Highest male & female win entry to Rhodman

Price: $175.00 per team

In August of each year, the Tri-Senates of Southern California visits Brunswick West Covina Lanes in West Covina, as the Inland Empire Bowling Senate plays host to nearly 560 bowlers that come out to participate in this popular tournament.  The first squad gets under way at 9am.  However, check in starts at 8am and most of the optional side pots and sweepstakes are closed off at 8:40am so please plan to arrive early!  Brunswick West Covina Lanes is located at: 675 S. Glendora, West Covina, CA 91790 (626) 960-3636.


Remember, the first squad will be the senates match game squad and each senate member must wear the official senate shirt for the senate they represent!

Tri-Senates of Southern California takes to the lanes in the Inland Empire

Phone: 310-846-4596

Fax: 310-846-4597



Check in starts 1:30 hours before squad time!

Pots & sweepers cut off 30 min before squad time

Practice starts 20 minutes before squad time

Team Eliminator starts 10 min before squad time